Learning How the Mind Works

I hope it makes sense of what i m saying, those who could not figure out the whole idea are not to be blamed as i am new to poetry and try to squeeze in relevantly where i can. What it straightforwardly really means is simplified below.

We all are driving through life in an unplanned manner, maneuvering towards our goals which are placed consciously or subconsciously, collected somehow while accidentally liking something which might or might not be flashy or which is advertised

As we are constantly bombarded with flashy information from all the dimensions and mind seems to replicate the thoughts with which we are found to be surrounded. Life passes by just like sands of time and we remain in a constant struggle to meet out material, emotional and spiritual Goals throughout life. While even pursuing them all, we hit a lot of distractions in our daily waking life. So do you understand how much is placed on our plates and what should we intend to eat?

Once you know how the mind works, you can control it. One is Awareness and one is Mind. Awareness is energy and the Mind is a Vast arrangement of information ready to be picked up and concentrated on. But also this whole world fits into our mind, in fact the whole universe fits inside. There fore we also have the power to choose what we really should concentrate on. As keeping a regularity on a particular thing makes us better at it. However same goes with things happening to us.

What i mean to say through this article is, that we have to understand the worth, Our worth, the worth of our attention and our Focus, So to choose what is really worth while concentrating or giving it a piece of our Energy

This Energy is not limitless. I really intend it to be that way and i bet you all wanted it to be, But the Reality of all reality is that we can not deplete our energy on things which don’t serve our purpose. It could be anything, i can not give you an example of what you should focus on, because each one of us has a different calling and has their own sets of goals to achieve. They have their own priorities and Duties.

So it is a tough job to choose what we should do. But once you understand what focus is, where it comes from and how you give your energy, that sort thing, you really take care of your focus and choose clearly about what you choose and focus on. 


So, I urge you to become more conscious of what you choose to do, to think and to really let your energy flow in a more productive and constructive way to serve you a better sense of purpose, Far Greater than those who don’t. The best & the worst part is what you practice, you really become good at. So Mind your Mind

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