Why our Lives needs an upgrade from new traditons

Remembering things we do and their associations with are really important, however it is also necessary to remember the motivator behind it, the reason placed behind the reason. And the anatomy of affairs, causes and its effects and its effects. Because we are placing our values over the particular thing we are working at presently, separates us from the primary motivation behind the basic and to the point of reason behind the primary. It is easy to glide past the significance of the factor causing us to set the new motivation in order to complete and get the relative effect of the previous motivator. So while trying to get through the list of tasks or checkpoints we also see the values diminishing constantly. Most of the time this thing contributes the overall degradation and makes us feel pointless in case no concrete results are showcased or felt. 


I am not here to lecture people about remembering steps to what they gradually do, like maybe building a website, a motor cycle or a boat or something. we have teams for that who work on it and are being monitored by superiors who are there to assist or keep them up. I am mostly talking about the walk of life which we forget we are constantly taking.
From graduating high schools to finishing colleges and earning degrees, from getting married to having children and then marrying them off to set up a family of their own. Do have the same goals and aspirations 


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